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Mendeley for referencing and academic networking (including demo on migrating from Refworks to Mendeley)

Reference management can be daunting when conducting your research as it is often exhausting keeping track of all references used within your works. The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with skills to effectively use Mendeley to manage your references and as an end-product generate a bibliography using your preferred referencing style. During this workshop the presenter will also demonstrate how to migrate references/records from Refworks to Mendeley.

Benefits of using Mendeley:

• Reference management
• organising and annotation of PDF documents
• customise your referencing style
• add your articles to a library that can be organised according to your preferences

Target Audience

Postgraduate students and postdocs.


Participants will learn to:

• Create an account on Mendeley
• Download the desktop version
• Install the MS Word plugin
• Navigate the desktop version
• Do in-text citations
• Import files and folders
• Watch a specific folder
• Highlight notes
• Edit metadata
• Generate a bibliography
• How to migrate from Refworks to Mendeley

Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Location: E-classroom (JS Gericke Library)
Campus: Stellenbosch Campus
Presenter: Yusuf Ras
Categories: Research Commons workshops
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